Even Inter & Tottenham: Nike Teams Get the Same Pre-Match Designs in 23-24 Season

In the 2023-24 season, not all Nike teams will receive custom pre-match uniforms. We take a closer look at the brand's 23-24 pre-match designs.

Nike 2023-2024 Pre-Match Football Shirt Designs

No TV Signal, Mesmerizing Motion, and 3rd Elite Teams.

Three pre-match designs by Nike will be used very widely in the 23-24 season, both by big and smaller Nike clubs. They can be best described as "No TV Signal", "Mesmerizing Motion", and "3rd Elite".

Nike 23-24 "No TV Signal" Pre-Match Jersey

Tottenham, Inter, and Salzburg all have the same "no TV signal" pre-match design. This is the first time in many years that Elite Teams Inter and Tottenham do not get a bespoke pre-match design like the ones of Barcelona and Liverpool.

Tottenham and Inter got custom pre-match designs last season

What makes Inter's and Tottenham's twinned design odd is that the biggest Nike elite teams got custom pre-match designs by Nike.

Nike 23-24 Custom Pre-Match Designs - Biggest Clubs Only, Even Unique Home & Away For Some

Nike 23-24 'Mesmerizing Motion' Design

All of Nike's bigger German teams and Galatasaray received the same bizarre design, which can be best described as mesmerizing motion, just in different colors.

Nike 23-24 Elite Team Third Pre-Match Designs - All Teams Get Same Look in Different Colors

Meanwhile, for the Nike 23-24 Elite Team third collections, every team gets the same design, including Liverpool, Barcelona, and others. This might come as a surprise to many soccer fans who expect their favorite teams to have unique designs, but it has been the (always?) the case.

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