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French Player Wears Mysterious Boots - Third Skechers Silo?

During the Stade Rennais game against Le Havre Athletic Club, Désiré Doué was spotted wearing a pair of mystery boots. While we were first guessing it could be Skechers' third silo, it is more likely a next-gen New Balance boot. Big thanks to French boot specialists Footpack for the images and spot.

Third Skechers boots Silo??

Skechers launched the first line of football boots called Skechers SKR 01 for Harry Kane. Morata has recently been spotted wearing the yet-to-be-announced second line of football boots, called Skechers Razor. This is most likely the prototype shoe that Skechers is testing before it is officially announced.

If this is true, then Skechers are starting to invest and produce different lines of football boots and they are signing many players with the desire to succeed in this football market.

Next-gen New Balance Tekela?

Looking at the sole of this mystery shoe, the Y-sole construction and round soles are very similar to the New Balance Tekela v4, so this could be the next-gen called New Balance Tekela v5 Low.

We are not sure if these are Skechers boots or the next-gen New Balance Tekela v5 boots.

What do you think about these mysterious shoes? Do you think this is the third Skechers silo or will it be next-gen of New Balance Tekela? Comment below.