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Getafe's Kit Controversy: Did La Liga Force Getafe to Change 23-24 Kits?

Getafe, the Spanish football club based in a suburb of Madrid, have slightly changed their kit after the initial release. This has been spotted by @LeClubMaillots and Gol de Sergio.

Joma Logo Moved From Center to Right Chest of Getafe Kits - Previous Kit Likely Was Against Kit Rules

Joma and the club had initially placed all logos in the center of the kit as a tribute to Cerro los Ángeles, the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula, depicted on the club's badge. However, without any announcement, the Joma brand logo was moved from the center to the right chest, causing an asymmetry that many fans do not find appealing.

The club did not announce anything and are still selling the old kits

The reason for the kit change is most likely due to UEFA and La Liga Equipment rules. The old Joma logo was placed too high, which is now banned.

Despite the change, Getafe are still selling the old kit, which some fans believe is not fair to those who have purchased it.

What do you think about Getafe's kit change? Should they continue selling the old kit? Let us know in the comments below.