Insane PSG Reversible Anthem Jacket Leaked

A new Jordan PSG anthem jacket has been leaked by La Source Parisienne (@lasource75006). This jacket is reversible, which is very unique.

PSG 2023-24 Reversible Anthem Jacket

This is the new Jordan PSG reversible anthem jacket for 2023-24.

The Jordan PSG 2023-24 reversible jacket has a completely different look on the outside and inside. While the outside of the shirt is very simple, the inside of the shirt has very unique patterns.

The outside of the Jordan PSG 2023-24 reversible jacket features a simple vanilla-mixed grey color scheme. The inside of the PSG 2023-24 reversible jacket features the same famous Jordan 'Elephant Print' as the third kit of the season.

The Jordan logo and the PSG badge are both strikingly black. But you can barely see the details of the PSG badge, just a black circle.

PSG Jordan 2023-2024 Third Kit Collection

Paris Saint-Germain 2023-24 Third
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Adidas 2022 World Cup Reversible Anthem Jackets

Adidas has also designed reversible kits for national teams for the 2022 World Cup.

Made by Jordan. What do you make of the PSG's reversible jacket jacket? Comment below.