Black, Gold & Green Napoli 23-24 Third Kit Released

Update: "On my skin. In my soul." Napoli have now launched their tattoo-inspired third kit. The 23-24 third shirt of EA7/SSC Napoli 23-234 features Maori tattoos in dark green, symbolizing union, stamina, strength, and power.

Napoli 23-24 Third Kit

Check out EA7's Napoli 2023-24 third football shirt below.

The EA7 SSC Napoli 23-24 third football shirt has a trendy colorway for football shirts. The EA7 Napoli 2023-2024 third jersey combines a black base with all-gold logos.

What makes the EA7 Napoli 2023-24 third football shirt unique is a unique green pattern on the sleeves and top left. It is inspired by Maori tattoos.

Napoli 23-24 Training Shirts

The EA7 Napoli 2023-2024 third training shirts have a similar Maori tattoo design as the third kit.

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Napoli 23-24 Third Kit - Replica Jersey - Vary Fairly Priced at 49 Euro (Authentic 130 Euro)

The EA7 Napoli 2023-24 third shirt has been sold since Saturday, 2 September 2023.

Made by EA7. What's your opinion on Napoli's third kit? Comment below.