World's Biggest Goalkeeper Gloves??

Have you ever imagined what super-sized football gloves would look like? Cult Kits has given us a look at this giant goalkeeper gloves.

Super-sized football gloves

These giant goalkeeper gloves are based on Reusch's original Peter Smeichel gloves.

This version of the Giant Glove has the same color and design as the Reusch gloves, only the padding on the middle finger has been changed from the original with the words "Manchester United" instead of red padding.

Cult Kits said:

Probably the best £100 we’ve spent in a while 🤣

We were also looking for bigger goalkeeper gloves, but it was not real goalkeeper gloves.

Do you think these are the world's biggest goalkeeper gloves? What will happen when these giant gloves are introduced into official matches? Comment below.