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Class: Guatemala 23-24 Third Kit Released

The new Guatemala third kit was released yesterday, and it is a classy one.

Guatemala 23-24 Third Kit
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Guatemala 23-24 Third Kit

This is the new Umbro Guatemala third shirt for 2023-24.

The Umbro Guatemala 2023-24 third shirt introduces a stylish look with the country's traditional Sash.

The third jersey for Umbro Guatemala 2023-2024 features a black base with a white sash outlined in bright light blue, accompanied by a classic Polo collar.

The word "Guate" is embroidered on the back and the shield on the chest of the Umbro Guatemala 2023-24 third jersey.

Available since October 14, the Umbro Guatemala 2023-2024 third football shirt retails at 455 Guatemala Quetza (58 USD).

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Guatemala 23-24 Third Kit
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Made by Umbro. Do you like Guatemala's third jersey? Comment below.