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Impressive PSG 23-24 Third Kit Concept

@Saintetixx has just created the PSG 23-24 third kit concept and it has a simple but quite impressive design.

PSG 23-24 third kit concept

The Paris Saint-Germain 23-24 third football shirt concept is predominantly black with burgundy accents on the inside collar, cuffs and fabric from the armpit to the shirt's tail.

Paris Saint-Germain 2023-24 Third
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PSG crest, Swoosh logo and sponsor are a striking gold color with a black border.

The words 'Paris', 'Saint', and 'Germain' are stylized to create unique patterns on the PSG 2023-2024 third kit concept.

What do you think of the PSG 23-24 third kit concept? Leave a comment below.