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All-New San Diego FC MLS Logo Released

San Diego FC, the city's newest MLS expansion team to begin playing in 2025, revealed their name, crest, and colors on Friday night.

San Diego FC MLS Logo

The first-ever San Diego FC crest features 18 lines representing the 18 communities of San Diego County and centered around four principal virtues of Gratitude, Proud, Not Loud, and Diversity.

The Costa Rican design firm Pupila crafted the brand, and the club describe the logo as symbolizing peak performance while embracing San Diego's unique rhythm of life.

The official colors of San Diego FC are labeled as "chrome and azul," and the "San Diego" at the top of the San Diego logo curvature is a nod to the arches woven into the city's architecture.

The logo looks like it's for an automobile parts manufacturer, not good [westcoastbias/reddit]

However, after seeing the logo, fans took to social media to express their disappointment. Many called the design "terrible" and "generic," with others noting the similarity to car brand logos.

San Diego FC Colors

Chrome: Chrome is a symbol of San Diego’s spirit of excellence and cutting-edge innovation. Chrome is reflective and dynamic in nature, an effect as well as a color. Multicolor Elements: Through Chrome, San Diego FC reflects the colors of the community, shades of yellow, orange, red and blue.

Azul:, a dark navy blue, spotlights San Diego’s deep connection to the Pacific Ocean and the daily enjoyment of the clear blue sky.

San Diego FC Crest

  • Central to San Diego FC’s crest is “The Flow,” comprised of 18 lines representing the 18 communities of San Diego County, woven into one.
  • “San Diego” is displayed at the top of the crest in the form of an arch, inspired by the iconic neighborhood arches and signs around greater San Diego.
  • The shield shape represents the strength and unity of their community. The chrome finish on the shield reflects the colors of the community in the outer layer of the crest.

San Diego FC Kits

Judging from the launch images and the first-ever San Diego FC collection items released, San Diego FC will opt for a dark navy ("Azul") home kit. The club prominently also uses the multicolor elements as well as parts of the club's crest as icons, such as the inner element of the crest (the ball and FC lettering).

There is also a second version of the logo without the metallic elements, which is set to be used on the kits.

San Diego FC Collection

The first-ever San Diego FC MLS kits will be launched in late 2024/early 2025.

What do you think of San Diego FC's MLS logo? Let us know in the comments below.