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EA Sports Did Not Lose France License, But Are Not Allowed to Use Logo & Kits For Promo

Update: EA Sports have not lost the France national football team license. Instead, they only do not have the right to use the French national team for promo images. This is because the FFF (France Football Federation) signed a deal with rival Konami. France's kit is correct in the game.

Oddly, Jonathan Clauss' card in EA Sports FC features an image of him wearing the France 2022 away kit. This could have happened by error - the deal of the FFF with Konami should have prevented EA Sports from using the France image right for promo activity.

EA Sports have lost the license for the France national football team.

France Have Generic Kits in EA Sports FC Euro 2024 Mode

In the recently released trailer for the UEFA Euro 2024, all teams except France are licensed with their official kits. Ousmane Dembele, who represents France, wears a generic kit without any logos.

Meanwhile, the announcement trailer, of course, features the "old" 2022 World Cup kits and not the unreleased Euro 2024 kits. Oddly, EA Sports still have the official numbers of the French team.

France were licensed in the official EA Sports FIFA 2022 Men's World Cup and the EA Sports FIFA 2023 Women's World Cups modes.

EA Sports have not yet released an official statement on why they lost the license for the French national team, and they certainly won't release one until they manage to sign a new deal.

Probably much more importantly, EA Sports have also lost the license for the FIFA World Cup. The tournament is now called the International Cup.

What do you think about EA Sports losing the France license for the new EA Sports FC? Let us know in the comments below.