Galatasaray 24-25 Anthem Jacket Prediction

Galatasaray have officially signed a 5-year deal with Puma, as announced on the public disclosure platform (KAP). So Turkish 3D expert @ismet1m00 created the Puma Galatasaray 24-25 anthem jacket to see what it would look like.

Galatasaray 24-25 Anthem Jacket

This picture shows a fictional look of the new Galatasaray 2024-25 anthem jacket, made by @ismet1m00.

The new Puma Galatasaray 2024-35 anthem jacket concept still features the familiar half-and-half design with two colors: dark red and orange.

Galatasaray 24-25 Anthem Jacket Alternative

The new Puma Galatasaray 2024-35 anthem jacket alternative concept has two main colors: white and black

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