Impressive Galatasaray 23-24 Away Kit Concept

Turkish 3D expert @ismet1m00 has created a stunning Galatasaray 23-24 away kit concept.

Galatasaray Away Shirt 2023-24
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Galatasaray 23-24 Away Kit Concept

This is the Galatasaray S.K. 2023-24 away football shirt concept, made by @ismet1m00.

The Nike Galatasaray 2023-2024 away jersey concept combines a very dark purple, almost black, with yellow and pinkish-red accents inspired by fire and volcanic lava.

The Swoosh logo is also special, combining a large yellow Swoosh with a small red Swoosh. This design is apparently inspired by the upside Swoosh used by Nike for the Nike 24-25 elite teams' third jerseys.

The most striking feature of the Nike Galatasaray AŞ 23-24 away jersey concept is the volcanic lava pattern, creating a unique and beautiful look.

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