Introducing Football Jersey Archive, A New Website About American Football Jerseys by Footy Headlines & Football Kit Archive

Today, in cooperation with our partner website Football Kit Archive, we announce Football Jersey Archive, a new platform for everyone interested in American Football Jerseys.

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Football Jersey Archive is a website dedicated to the history and evolution of American Football Jerseys. It, of course, covers the NFL, the globe's by far biggest league, but it already also covers some smaller leagues like the European League of Football, AFL, and the XLF.

American Football Jerseys lack brand diversity

In contrast to soccer (or football, as we usually call it, but that might confuse it here), American Football Jerseys still have rather classic designs. They not only come without those fancy graphic designs of many modern football kits but also keep the classic colors, numbers, and uniform elements.

NFL 2023 Jerseys

European Football League Jerseys

What is surely more boring compared to soccer kits is that there is no brand diversity in most leagues - Nike make the jerseys for every single NFL team.

In total, Football Jersey Archive currently already features more than 2,700 jerseys.

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