Exclusive: Bayern München 24-25 Away Kit Info Leaked + Prediction

Update: We have imagined what the Adidas Bayern München 24-25 away kit could look like in full, using the leaked information. Please note that the accent color (not known yet) and the graphic design (Bavaria statue) are speculated only - both could and will likely differ in the final kit.

The new FC Bayern away jersey will pay homage to one of the city's icons. Adidas make it, of course.

We only know the main color and inspiration so far

Bayern München 24-25 Away Kit

Check out the colors and a fantasy look of Adidas' FC Bayern 24-25 away football shirt.

The Adidas FC Bayern München 2024-2025 away shirt is mainly black, like this season's away shirt. However, the inspiration is totally different.

The Adidas FC Bayern München 24-25 away football shirt is designed to honor the Bavaria statue, which is the patroness of the Bavarian state. The statue is 18 meters high and stands on the edge of Theresienwiese, overlooking Munich. It is an iconic symbol of Bavaria and holds significant cultural importance to the region.

We do not know the accent color nor the design of the Adidas FC Bayern 2024-2025 away football shirt yet - orange is purely speculative, inspired by how the statue looks at night.

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The Bayern München 2024-2025 away kit will be launched in July 2024.

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