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No More Nike: Puma Galatasaray 2024-25 Home Kit Concept

Galatasaray have officially signed a five-year deal with Puma, as announced on the public disclosure platform (KAP). Graphic designer @anl_design4 has imagined what a Puma x Galatasaray 24-25 home kit could look like.

Galatasaray 24-25 Home Kit Concept

This picture shows a fictional look at the new Puma Galatasaray 2024-25 home kit, made by @anl_design4.

The Puma Galatasaray 2024-25 home football jersey concept by @anl_design4 features the familiar half-and-half design, but not with the standard bright colors.

Instead, the designer opt for a dark red, creating a classy yet rather untraditional look. The Puma logo, Galatasaray crest and sponsor are all in black. The polo collar is also black.

Footy Headlines expect the official Galatasaray kit by Puma to be very different from the concept. We expect a half-and-half design in brighter colors.

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