Weird? Southampton Print Footballs on Players' Shirts to Signify Scored Goals

Southampton Football Club have come up with a unique way of keeping track of each player's goals this season.

Inside of Southampton Player Shirts Feature Football Icons to Show Number of Goals

Southampton are printing footballs on the inside of players' shirts - for each goal scored in the Championship, one ball symbol is printed inside the shirt. For instance, Adam Armstrong, Southampton's top goal scorer, has eight footballs printed on the inside of his shirt, while Ryan Fraser has two footballs for scoring two goals.

This practice is apparently a first for football clubs. However, the execution is not really classy - first, the football icon is looking like a cheap clipart, and second, it is a bit too big for our taste.

In case you were wondering - it would not be allowed to print the number of scored goals on the outside of the kits.

Is Southampton's decision to print footballs on the inside of players' shirts a good idea? Could it have been executed better? Share your thoughts.