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All-New Nagoya Grampus 2024 Logo Released

Japanese team Nagoya Grampus today launched an all-new crest, to be used from the 2024 season. It is the first change in 24 years.

Nagoya Grampus 2024 Logo

Old vs new Nagoya Grampus logos.

Nagoya Grampus' new 2024 logo has a minimalist approach, standing out against the previous traditional crest.

The new Nagoya Grampus logo ditches many of the previous elements while completely changing the appearance of the existing ones. In the center of the new Nagoya Grampus logo is a modernized graphic merging the traditional NGE letters and Risso's dolphin.

The golden club name sits half on the top and half on the bottom of the new Nagoya Grampus logo. The logo itself is red with a large orange center stripe that includes the modernized new club symbol.

Color-wise, the new Nagoya Grampus logo was also changed. It now features three colors that represent the actual kit colors - "Grampus Red", "Grampus Yellow", and "Grampus Gold". Additionally, the sub-colors "Star Orange," "Noble Red," and "Legend Yellow" used in the emblem and flag until the 2023 season have been inherited.

Nagoya Grampus' 2024 logo will debut on the yet-to-be-released Nagoya Grampus 2024 football shirts.

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More modern, but better? Are you a fan of the new Nagoya Grampus 2024 logo? Comment below.