Leaked: Did Adidas Replicate Euro Logo with Euro 2024 Kits?

Are Adidas' Euro 2024 kits inspired by the official Euro 2024 logo? Newly leaked images let us think that they actually are.

Side Panels & Back of Adidas 2024 National Team Kits Echo Euro Logo's Shapes and Colors

The side panels and shape of the back of Adidas' Euro 2024 kits share a striking resemblance to the official Euro 2024 logo.

The Euro 2024 logo features a dynamic "O" shape (inspired by the Olympiastadion Berlin, the venue of the final) complemented by striking flag colors. The shape is reminiscent of the side panels, and the subtle lines are reminiscent of the flags. The use of vibrant colors such as the trilocor Three Stirpes branding for Italy further strengthens the visual connection.

The shirt's back has almost the same shape as the Euro 2024 logo as well.

The Euro 2024 logo was waunched more than two years ahead of Euro 2024 kits by Adidas, leaving enough time until the production deadline

The Euro 2024 logo was unveiled in October 2021, more than two years prior to the debut of Adidas' official Euro 2024 kits. This makes it possible that Adidas had ample time to incorporate the logo's design elements into the kits, making a design collaboration plausible.

Confirmed: Homage to 2006 World Cup Template

While the Euro logo resemblance is undeniable, Footy Headlines can confirm that the side panels are (also) a nod to the iconic Teamgeist template used during the 2006 World Cup. The Teamgeist design featured a similar side panel pattern.

Deliberate Design or Happy Coincidence?

Whether Adidas intentionally replicated the Euro logo with their Euro 2024 kits remains speculation as of now. The design similarities are striking, at least.

What do you think? Did Adidas intentionally incorporate the Euro logo into their Euro 2024 kits? Let us know in the comments below.