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30-Year Anniversary: Nike Tiempo 10 'Emerald' Boots Released

Update: Nike officially launches the Nike Tiempo 10 'Emerald', celebrating the Tiempo's 30th anniversary with a luxurious look.

Update: The Nike Tiempo 30 anniversary boots will be available in two versions: general release and limited edition. Both will be launched on Monday, 15 April 2024. Special thanks to @fblsm2.

Update: We can leak official pictures of the 30th Anniversary Nike Tiempo 10 boots. Big thanks to @sneakermarketro (Sneaker Market RO) for the pictures.

The Nike Premier Tiempo from 1994 was Nike's first competitive football boot, worn by ten players in the 1994 World Cup final between Brazil and Italy.

Nike Tiempo 10 30-Year Anniversary - General Release - Dark Atomic Teal/Sail

Check out the new Nike Tiempo 10 30-year anniversary boots below.

The standard Nike Tiempo 10 30th anniversary football shoes have a dark turquoise base color which is accentuated by embossed lines across the upper, giving the shoe a unique fish scale look. Officially, the colors are Dark Atomic Teal/Sail.

The soleplate has a gradient effect that transitions from turquoise green to white.

The shoe tag near the collar no longer features the Nike Tiempo logo and has been replaced with an X with the number 2024 and a small Tiempo logo above.

The Tiempo anniversary is Nike's major boot campaign in Spring/Summer 2024

In 2014, Nike launched special Nike Tiempo XX shoes to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tiempo.

Looking at tech, the new Tiempo Legend 10 30-year anniversary boots are similar but not identical to the current-generation Tiempo - the first without kangaroo leather. The upper seems much smoother than for the regular Tiempo 10.

Nike Tiempo 10 30-Year Anniversary - Limited Edition - Sail/Dark Atomic Teal

Check out the new Nike Tiempo 10 30-year anniversary boots limited edition below.

The Nike Tiempo 10 30th Anniversary limited edition boots have the reverse colorway of the regular release, with the main 'Sail' color combined with a turquoise Swoosh.

The exact tech of the limited-edition Nike Tiempo 30-Year Anniversary football boots is not known yet, but they could come with an even softer leather upper.

Nike Tiempo 10 'Emerald' 30th Anniversary - Features

  • Special edition to celebrate 30 years of Tiempo
  • Two Versions : Regular & Limited
  • Exact tech features not known yet
  • No kangaroo leather - special air cushion-like upper
  • Outsole with different-shaped studs
  • Flyknit around the ankle
  • Price: around USD 250
  • Colorway: Dark Atomic Teal/Sail
  • Release date: Monday, 15 April 2024

The new Tiempo 10 30-year anniversary boots from Nike are available from Monday, 15 April 2024, and retail for around USD 250.

Do you like the new Tiempo Legend soccer boots to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the Tiempo? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and check out the Boot Calendar for all Nike football boot releases and leaks.