Boca Juniors 2024 Third Kit Released - Inspired by Sweden

The Adidas Boca 2024 third kit was released today. It is inspired by the Swedish flag - why? Boca adopted the colors of the Swedish Drottning Sophia in 1906.

Boca Juniors 2024 Third Kit

This is the new Adidas Boca Juniors third football shirt for 2024.

The Adidas CA Boca Juniors 2024 third football shirt takes inspiration from the Swedish flag. It is mainly dark navy with a yellow cross design. Officially, the color names are "Night Sky/Bold Gold."

Boca's colors are inspired by Sweden

The original shirt of Boca in 1905 featured thin black vertical stripes on a white background. Later that same year, they changed to a Celeste (sky blue) shirt. The following year, they wore a shirt with thin blue vertical stripes. In 1906, Boca played against Nottingham de Almagro, who had a similar shirt. Boca lost the match, and as the result, they decided to adopt the colors of the flag of the first ship to sail into port. The ship was Swedish Drottning Sophia.

The logos of the Adidas Club Atlético Boca Juniors 2024 third shirt are yellow, the 3 stripes royal blue on the navy base.

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Made by Adidas, inspired by the Swedish flag. Do you like Club Atlético Boca Juniors' third jersey? Comment below.