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Puma Football Kits React to Heat Like Plastic Bags in Africa Cup of Nations

Puma, the sporting goods company, is facing criticism for the performance of its football kits during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations in the Ivory Coast.

Puma Football Kits Criticized for Reacting Poorly to Heat in Africa Cup of Nations

Players from Puma teams apparently have problems with their kits sticking to their bodies like plastic bags due to the heat.

Meanwhile, Nike's Dri-Fit ADV Nigeria kit and Adidas' cheaper Aeroready Algeria kit (not Adidas' limited Heat.Rdy) have a superior performance in hot conditions.

Zambia's in-house brand has also faced problems similar to Puma's Ultraweave, while Kappa's Tunisia kit has performed well. Other teams also have slightly sticking kits, but most are far better than Puma.

It is a challenging environment for football kit brands in the Ivory Coast, but Puma has failed to meet expectations. This is especially bad as the German brand supplied 6 teams, much more than any other brand.

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