Adidas & Bimbo Takeover: Kings League Américas 2024 Kits Released

Last Saturday, the first Kings League Américas kits were released.

2024 Américas Kings League Kits
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The Américas Kings League is a seven-a-side football league of twelve teams led by footballers and internet streamers from the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. It is based on the Spanish Kings League, which Gerard Piqué founded in late 2022.

2024 Américas Kings League Kits

As in the Spanish Kings League, all Kings League America kits are produced by Adidas. The teams now also share the same main sponsor, Bimbo, and back sponsor, Sportium.

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When streamlined becomes boring

The Adidas 2024 Kings League Américas soccer kits were created using Adidas' customization service called Locker Room (formerly miTeam) for football kits.

Having teams with identical manufacturers, sponsors and semi-custom designs creates a monotonous appearance - boring to us and, surely, many fans.

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The 2024 Américas Kings League jerseys are available to buy for 86 euros.

2024 Américas Kings League Kits
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