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Basel 23-24 Carnival Kit Released

Basel's new 23-24 carnival jersey was released today. It is made by Macron and will be worn against FC St.Gallen 1879 this Sunday.

Basel 23-24 Carnival Kit

This is the Basel 2023-2024 carnival football shirt, made by Macron.

The Macron FC Basel 23-24 carnival shirt is inspired by the classic Basel Carnival character of Ueli and stands out with its traditional Basel elements in black and white.

Additionally, the unique style is characterized by lively details such as the "Mimösli" on the back, angular Basel staffs, and diamond patterns.

The red-blue stripe on the front of the Macron Basel 2023-24 carnival jersey revives memories of the 2012-2014 away shirt.

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The Macron Basel 2023-2024 carnival jersey is a limited edition. It is first exclusively available to buy in Basel's stores this weekend and will only become available online if it is not sold out by then.

Made by Macron. Do you like Basel's carnival jersey? Comment below.