Exclusive: Adidas Bellingham Signature Logo Leaked

As we leaked some days ago, Adidas is about to launch a signature logo for its top young star - Jude Bellingham. Footy Headlines can now exclusively leak the logo.

Adidas Bellingham Signature Logo

The Adidas Bellingham signature logo features Bellingham's famous open arms celebration, combined with his acronym, JB.

The colors of the Adidas Bellingham logo are not 100% confirmed, but it will probably be gold and black.

Bellingham is the main ambassador of the Predator 24 football boots. It seems certain that Bellingham's logo will appear on a signature football boot for the midfielder in the foreseeable future.

The Adidas Bellingham signature logo is set for a launch in 2024.

Bellingham is the elite ambassador for the Adidas Predator boot.

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