Beautiful: Vietnamese Photographer Takes Pictures of Children in Football Kits

Recently, the famous Vietnamese journalist Trương Anh Ngọc shared beautiful photos of children wearing football kits on his personal page. Big thanks to journalist Trương Anh Ngọc for the great photos and to Vietnamese kit expert Chuyện Áo Đấu for spreading them.

Journalist Trương Anh Ngọc is one of Vietnam's most famous and respected football journalists in Vietnam.

Beautiful Photos of Children Wearing Football Kits

These are children in Muong La district, Son La province, Vietnam. This is one of the most remote places in Vietnam. So of course these are fake kits because they cannot afford to buy authentic ones.

Fake football kits can be an excellent choice for remote areas. They are cheap, but still help people wear their favorite club shirt and satisfy their passion.

Vietnam is known as one of the world's leading football-crazy countries, from children to the elderly. Therefore, football shirts are an easy item to find anywhere to satisfy the love of the fans.

The children's smiles 😊

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