Unique Ostiamare 2024 Kits Released

Rising Italian football brand Ezeta has launched new kits for Italian Serie D side AS Ostiamare. As always, they have unique designs sure to stand out.

AS Ostiamare 2024 Home & Away Kits

The new Ezeta Ostiamare 2024 home and away kits are purple and red respectively, with a design inspired by the mosaic of Bacchus and Ariadne.

AS Ostiamare 2024's home kit is purple, represented by the deity of Bacchus, God of the grape harvest.

The AS Ostiamare 2024 jerseys feature the new AS Ostiamare crest created by Ezeta and designer Daniel Norris.

The new crest is presented as a circle for a more contemporary feel. In it, a seagull splits the circle in two parts in order to include the full name of the club: "Ostiamare Lido Calcio 1945". The white and purple stripes are inclined according to the direction of the seagull's flight, providing a more dynamic look.

AS Ostiamare 2024 Third & Fourth Kits

The new Ezeta Ostiamare 2024 third and fourth kits feature a design inspired by the Municipal Palace Of Ostia.

The third kit inverts the colors of the home shirt, with white as the main color and purple as the accent color, while the fourth shirt arrives in golden yellow hues inspired by the wheat colours and the shade of yellow in the municipal building courtyard.

The iconic elements within are inspired by Roman Mythology: Poseidon (the god of the sea and oceans); Hippocampus (the mythological marine animal half horse and half fish); The Capitoline she-wolf (that represents the close link with Rome); Ears Of Wheat (because Ostia was founded by Ancus Marcius in order to be the ancient seaport of Rome and import mainly the wheat to Roma from all the provinces of Roman empire). And so Ezeta chose to merge all these elements in order to create an iconic geometrical pattern all over the jersey.

Ostiamare 2024 Kit Font

The new Ostiamare 2024 kits also come with a bespoke typeface, rounding off the antique-inspired look.

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