Adidas 24-25 Champions League Ball to Pay Homage to Munich?

The 2024-25 Champions League ball has a design that is LIKELY to pay homage to the city of Munich.

Adidas 24-25 Champions League Ball

The new Adidas 2024-25 Champions League ball will be predominantly white with black and yellow detailing.

Munich's city flag is also black and yellow. So it is likely that the 2024 Champions League ball will pay homage to the city of Munich.

Coat of arms of Munich

The coat of arms of Munich (Münchner Wappen) depicts a young monk dressed in black holding a red book. It has existed in a similar form since the 13th century, though at certain points in its history it has not depicted the central figure of the monk at all. As the German name for Munich, München, means Home of Monks, the monk in this case is a self-explanatory symbol (canting arms) who represents the city of Munich.

Footy Headlines has no information yet on the design of the Adidas 24-25 Champions League ball

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