Has Adidas Started to Print Big Sample Text on Sample Football Kits?

Recently, the Mexico 2024 goalkeeper kit was leaked with the words 'SAMPLE - Not for Resale' printed on the inside collar of the shirt. Will Adidas print the word 'Sample' in large letters on sample football kits from now on? Thanks to @enry2101 & @TigresJersey.

Adidas to Start Printing Big Sample Text on Sample Football Kits?

Previously, Adidas did not print the word 'Sample' on Adidas sample kits. However, now the word 'Sample' appears on the Mexico 2024 GK sample kit. Has it been added by Adidas?

Adidas sample shoes feature the same text

It is impossible to say if it was Adidas or the federation who added it. However, the "Sample - Not For Resale" text & style resemble those seen on Adidas sample boots. The font style is slightly different.

Nike also prints the same words 'SAMPLE - Not for Resale' on Mercurial Superfly 7 football boots, but with a "Property of Nike USA" added in between.

Have you ever seen a football kit with a 'Sample' text on sample football shirts before? Comment below.