Germany to Change Number 4 After Nazi Comparisons, Adidas Stops Sale of All Personalized Kits

Adidas and the German Football Association (DFB) have stopped the sale of all personalized football shirts after being criticized for the Nazi-like appearance of the number 44.

The SS (Schutzstaffel) was the elite guard of the Nazi regime and a virtual state within the Third Reich.

Number 44 Resembles the Symbol of the Nazi SS

The design of the number 4, at least when viewed as small, resembles SS runes, which has sparked controversy and discussions on social media.

Adidas first blocked the personalization of jerseys with the number 44 in its online store but has now stopped selling any personalized kits.

The responsibility for the design of names and numbers on the jerseys lies with the DFB and its partner 11teamsports, according to Adidas spokesperson Oliver Brüggen. An alternative design for the number 4 is being developed in collaboration with 11teamsports to address this issue. The decision comes in response to concerns over the association with National Socialism.

The DFB also said that "it will check the numbers 0-9 and then submit the numbers 1-26 to UEFA for review.

Every number will be now checked, and a new number 4 will be developed

Footy Headlines expects that Adidas will only change the number 4 of the Germany font, as there have been no problems with any of the other numbers discovered yet (except for the 88, of course?.

Footy Headlines Opinion - Big Topic With No Real Background

Footy Headlines things that the whole discussion is a prime example of how social media can amplify even the smallest of issues.

It was never the intention for the number 4 to represent an SS symbol when designed and combined. The design was simply meant to make the jersey look more unique - no player will ever wear the number 44 jersey, which makes the whole topic somewhat irrelevant. Had the sale of the number 44 jersey been prevented, there would have been no issue.

Initially, Footy Headlines decided not to cover the topic, but with Adidas changing the design, it became necessary to report on the matter.

Do you understand the discussion? Was this the proper reaction by Adidas and Germany to change the number 4 and review all other numbers? Let us know in the comments below.