Next-gen Puma Ultra 5 Boots Revealed

The football store Unisport has just released the first images of the next generation Puma Ultra boot, which will be called the Ultra 5.

Next-gen Puma Ultra 5 Boots

The next-gen Puma Ultra 5 boots have an upper that is quite thin, seemingly thinner than the Ultra Ultimate boot.

The Puma Ultra 5 soleplate has been redesigned and has a new structure compared to the Ultra Ultimate shoe. The bottom sole now has 3 studs instead of 4.

In terms of technology, the next-gen Puma Ultra 5 shoes have been equipped with carbon technology, which makes the shoes lighter.

Olivier Giroud and Memphis Depay are two players who have worn Puma Ultra 5 shoes in recent training sessions.

Footy Headlines doesn't know all the technology that goes into the Puma Ultra 5 shoe.

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