Osnabrück 23-24 125-Years Anniversary Kit Released

VfL Osnabrück, the German 2. Bundesliga football club, is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a special jubilee jersey.

Osnabrück 125th Anniversary Kit

Check out Capelli's Osnabrück 2023-2024 anniversary football shirt below.

The Capelli Osnabrück 23-24 anniversary jersey commemorates the club's tradition of wearing purple and white jerseys, which were first introduced in the 1920s.

The Capelli Osnabrück 23-24 anniversary jersey is a replica of the jerseys from that time, featuring the coat of arms of the city of Osnabrück on the chest.

Osnabrück's kit maker Capelli did not have its logo on the kit, adding to the classic look.

The font of the numbers on the jersey is also inspired by the typography of the 1920s. The jerseys will be sold exclusively without any advertising logos, thanks to the support of the club's sponsors.

Osnabrück 23-24 125th Anniversary Goalkeeper Kit

The Osnabrück 125th anniversary keeper jersey is classic black and white. The dots of Capelli are featured in tone-on-tone on the shoulder area.

The Capelli Osnabrück 23-24 anniversary football shirt is limited to just 1,899 shirts will be available for sale to VfL club members initially (17 April 2024), and later (20 April 2024) to all fans and interested parties (if still available). The goalkeeper jersey is even more rare, with only 125 shirts available.

In addition to the jerseys for sale, the club has also created 125 individual jerseys to be presented to selected individuals and institutions.

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Made by Capelli but without a brand logo. Do you like Osnabrück's anniversary jersey? Comment below.