NEC Nijmegen 23-24 Cup Final Kit Released

Dutch club N.E.C. Nijmegen has launched a limited-edition cup finals shirt in collaboration with its supplier, Robey Sportswear. The team will wear it during the KNVB Beker final against Feyenoord on April 21.

NEC Nijmegen 23-24 Cup final Kit

This is the new Robey NEC Nijmegen Cup final football shirt for 2023-24.

The Robey NEC Nijmegen 23-24 Cup final football shirt "pays tribute to the atmospheric actions of N.E.C. supporters during all cup matches this season."

The Robey Nijmegen 23-24 Cup final shirt is mainly black with a red-and-green confetti-inspired pattern. The confetti strings were used by the fans during the club's run to the final.

The song 'Dans je hele nacht met mij' (Dance all night with me) by Ronnie Ruysdael was renamed N.E.C.'s 'cup song' and was frequently heard and textually seen on the banners in the Goffertstadion. Therefore, two phrases from the song are on the neck of the shirt.

The silver logos on the shirt are a reference to the trophy, the pine cone.

Nijmegen 23-24 Cup Final Pre-Match Shirt

N.E.C. players will also wear a special pre-match shirt ahead of the final. This one is also based on the song "Will you dance with me all night" and is available for €40.

The Robey NEC Nijmegen 2023-24 Cup final shirt will be available for purchase on April 13 for €70.

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