Leuven Beer Kit Voted Worst Football Kit of March 2024

Update: The beer-inspired Leuven 23-24 third kit has been voted the worst football kit of March 2024. Close behind is the Umbro Rosario Central 2024 away kit, while the Nike Croatia Euro 2024 home kit comes in third.

Update: It's the final for the worst football kit of March 2024, and it's between two kits you should never wear on a date. The Leuven third kit (designed to match a beer) is up against the Rosario Central 2024 away kit (inspired by the very bad Nemen x Milan 2022 kit, which, oddly enough, was voted the worst football kit exactly two years ago).

March 2024 witnessed the unveiling of most 2024 national team football kits, plus some new kits from teams outside the top European league. With it came many great kits, but some were not good.

Worst Football Kit of March 2024

Among the not-so-beautiful kits were several of Nike's 2024 national team kit releases, such as the new Croatia, Nigeria, and Turkey home kits.

A notable kit that would have caused a bigger debate if released by a more well-known club was the Stanno Leuven 23-24 third kit, designed to resemble a beer.

The determination of the worst football kit of the month is undergoing two rounds of voting. The initial round, now underway, will conclude on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. Following this, a final vote will be held between the two kits receiving the most votes.

Additionally, you can cast your vote for the best football kit for March 2024.

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