Adidas & Nike 'No Room for Racism' Concept Kits

Anti-racism is always a hot topic. What if Adidas and Nike released 'No Room for Racism' kits, we imagined and created the England and Italy 'Anti-Racism' kits to see what it could look like.

Adidas & Nike 'No Room for Racism' Concept Kits

This picture shows a fictional look of the Nike & Adidas 'No Room for Racism' jersey by Footy Headlines.

The Nike England & Adidas Italy 'No Room for Racism' concept kits feature a half-and-half design in the familiar white and black. We've added a red lightning stripe down the center of the shirt as a highlight.

The Nike and Adidas logos and the national crests are all monochrome.

Adidas Italy 'Anti-Racism' Concept Kit

Nike England 'Anti-Racism' Concept Kit

This year, Nike also released Corinthians 24-25 kits with an anti-racism theme with the motto "Our history is a black page".

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