Adidas Trefoil 24-25 Authentic Kit Badge Leaked

For the 2024-2025 season, Adidas brings back the classic Trefoil logo for its Elite Team third kits. Now we can leak that the kits will not only come with the classic Trefoil branding but also with a specially designed Trefoil authentic badge.

We can spot the Adidas Trefoil authentic kit badge on the leaked image of the new Arsenal 24-25 third kit. Based on the blurry photo, we have created a high-res edit of it.

Adidas 24-25 Trefoil Authentic Kit Badge

The Adidas 2024 authentic badge has a white and golden color scheme, fitting the premium feel of authentic kits.

Material-wise, we expect the Adidas Trefoil authentic badge to be very similar to if not the same, the standard authentic badge.

It remains to be seen whether Adidas also created a black variant of the authentic badge, as they did for the regular one. The dark variant would exceptionally fit Juventus and Manchester United.

Not confirmed

Regular Adidas 22024 Authentic Kit Badge

The standard Adidas 24-25 authentic kit badge has a wide format. It has the modern Adidas logo on the left and the Authentic Licensed Product text on the right.

We will officially see the reveal of the Adidas Trefoil authentic football kit badge with the launch of the Trefoil third kits in August/September 2024.

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