Stoke City to Release All-New Logo?

Stoke City today released a mysterious post on its social media channels, showing off a new simplistic badge. Could it be the new Stoke City crest?

To announce the launch, the club published a picture of the ceramics industry, the cradle of Stoke. Stoke-on-Trent is the ceramics capital of the world. The city has been characterized by the production of ceramics for centuries.

The current Stoke City crest was introduced in 2001. There have been no rumors or announcements about Stoke changing its logo until today - Footy Headlines strongly expects that Stoke City did tease the icon crest on its new 24-25 kit but that the club won't fully change its logo.

The logo is probably just a new icon, to be probably used on the 2024-2025 kits

In fact, English teams have to consult fans when changing their logo, so it is almost impossible that the simplistic badge shown off by Stoke is the all-new club logo.

Special Stoke City Logo for 24-25 Kits?

The all-new Stoke City icon logo features an image of a tower, inspired by Stoke City's famous pottery villages.

Indeed, the simplistic design and shape evokes memories of Everton's special icon crest, used on the club's 22-23 and 23-24 third kits.

Stoke City Logo History

via Football Kit Archive.

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Do you like the new Stoke City icon "logo"? Would you like it on the kits, or even to become the official new club logo? Comment below.