No More Hummel - Castore Everton 24-25 Home Kit Leaked

Although the deal with Castore has not yet been officially announced, the first images the new Castore Everton 2024-2025 home uniform have been leaked by TheKitsbaia (@thekitsbaia).

Everton 24-25 Home Kit

Check out Castore's Everton FC 2024-2025 home football shirt below.

The Castore Everton FC 24-25 home shirt is of course blue with unique embossed patterns.

The collar is white with thin blue stripes.

The concept kit @grhaer9 also created the Castore Everton 2024-2025 concept home shirt with a design very close to the leaked image.

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The Castore Everton 2024-2025 home football shirt will be available from June 2024.

Made by Castore. Are you a fan of Everton FC's 24-25 home kit? Comment below.