Unique Nike England & France Euro 2024 Off-Pitch Tops Spotted

Two Nike lifestyle tops for the France and England national football teams for Euro 2024 have surfaced, showcasing unconventional looks. We take a closer look at these standout pieces.

Spotted by Cult Kits

Nike England & France Euro 2024 Lifestyle Tops - Inspired by Bowling & Workwear

A huge change from the traditional off-pitch wear, the England & France Euro 2024 tops draw inspiration from bowling (England) and workwear (France).

So far, we have not spotted any player wearing one of these outstanding Nike Euro 2024 lifestyle pieces.

England Euro 2024 Top

The Nike England Euro 2024 top is a modern twist on the classic bowling shirt. It is colored all Sesame, including tonal stripes and a monochromatic Sesame badge.

The shirt features a lightweight, breathable fabric.

France Euro 2024 Overshirt

The FFF (French Football Federation) overshirt combines style and functionality. The top is inspired by workwear, blending robustness with comfort.

Nike made the France Overshirt from heavyweight cotton, resulting in a slightly stiff feeling.

The Nike England Euro 2024 Lifestyle bowling top retails at a price of around 100 euros, while the France Overshirt is available for 85 euros.

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