All-New Serie C Logo Released

Last week, Serie C released an all-new new logo with a more modern and innovative design that will be used from the 24-25 season.

All-New Serie C Logo

The all-new Serie C logo features a central C in gold, representing the name of the league. The color chosen is purple, with the aim of creating a strong visual element, in discontinuity with the colors used in the Italian sporting system, but is in line with new international design trends.

For the first time since the 2000s, the LegaPro lettering disappears and is replaced by Serie C, with NowTv as the league sponsor underneath.

President Marani said: "I am proud to present the new Serie C NOW logo, a work of design that could not have had a better stage than the Milan Triennale, a place representative of Italian culture and beauty. The presence of so many Serie C clubs reinforces the sense of pride in a movement that is the foundation of Italian football and the strength of a glorious and historic championship that has seen young talents become world champions".

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