Adidas Creates Awesome Ball Stands for Euro 2024

In a first for football, Adidas has broken new ground by inviting two of Europe's leading design studios, Gonzalez Haase AAS and Sabine Marcelis, to design the Official Match Ball plinths for Euro 2024.

Official Euro 2024 Match Ball Plinths

The Euro 2024 ball stand for the opening match in Munich on 14 June was designed by Gonzalez Haase AAS and consists of 24 multi-colored aluminium panels, each representing a participating team. The design is in line with the Euro 2024 logo.

The harmonization of the aluminum sheets and incorporation of the ball’s colors celebrate the joy of FUSSBALLLIEBE and the unity of the teams it brings together.

In addition, Gonzalez Haase AAS will also be designing special edition ball stands for the semi-finals in Munich on 9 July, Dortmund on 10 July and the final in Berlin on 14 July.

Gonzalez Haase AAS said: “We approach design like a sculptor would. It was important that the object had something that played with space, and connected to the space around it. By working with the blades, we brought light into the object. Through the reflection of the light on each color, it becomes alive. It will look always different. Even if the color doesn't change, the light changes it. Each blade reflects the color next to it. So every color is found in the other.

Sabine Marcelis' Euro 2024 ball stand eschews aluminum panels for her signature resin. It features a minimalist approach with a hollow interior for lightness and transparency. Four versions of the stand in red, green, blue or yellow celebrate the identity of all host cities.

Sabine Marcelis said: “I wanted to tackle the challenge to elevate this classic plinth. What most intrigued me about adidas’s brief was the opportunity to encapsulate the essence of FUSSBALLLIEBE into a tangible design. The challenge was to create something that wasn’t just functional but also carried a deep emotional resonance. It was about more than just a holder; it was about creating an icon that represents the passion, unity, and excitement that football brings to millions of people.

Adidas Euro 2024 Ball

The Adidas Euro 2024 Ball is predominantly white with triangular patterns in black, yellow, red, and green. The EURO 2024 logo and the Adidas logo are blue.

adidas Euro 2024 Fussballliebe Football
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