Nostalgia: Euro 2024 in Throwback Euro Kits

Euro 2024 is less than a week away. To recall the Euros in history, B/R Football has brought back the iconic throwback Euro kits, worn by today's players.

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Euro 2024 in Throwback Euro Kits

B/R Football has created a fictionalized image of old Euro national team kits, worn by each country's current top stars.

  • Portugal Euro 2004 home kit
  • Belgium Euro 2000 home kit
  • Italy Euro 1996 home kit
  • Netherlands Euro 2000 home kit
  • England Euro 2004 home kit
  • Spain Euro 2012 home kit
  • France Euro 2000 home kit
  • Germany Euro 2008 home kit
  • Croatia Euro 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020 home kits

B/R Football also trolled Norwegian fans with a photo of Haaland wearing the Norway 2024 home shirt and watching the Euro on TV.

Portugal Euro 2004 Home Kit

Belgium Euro 2000 Home Kit

Italy Euro 1996 Home Kit

Netherlands Euro 2000 Home Kit

England Euro 2004 Home Kit

Spain Euro 2012 Home Kit

France Euro 2000 Home Kit

Germany Euro 2008 Home Kit

Croatia Euro 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020 Home Kits

Norway - No Euro

Which of these classic jerseys do you like best? Comment below.