Mexico Player With Malfault Kit With Upside-down Design

During the recent friendly against Brazil, player Johan Vásquez was spotted wearing a misdesigned Mexico home shirt with the graphics upside down. Thanks to our follower Eduardo Faria for this interesting spot.

Faulty Mexico 2024 Home Kit - Upside-down Graphics

The Mexico 2024 home shirt (worn by Johan Vasquez) features an error in design, with the peacock wing graphic upside-down compared to the original kit.

If you watch it in the stadium or on TV, it is very difficult to notice. You have to look closely to see the upside-down design.

Adidas has been careless and hasty in providing Mexican player with upside-down shirt.

Mexico 2024 Copa America Home Kit

Instead of the usual green of recent years, Adidas Mexico 2024 jersey combines a maroon base with grey for logos. However, this is not a new color for the Mexican national team.

Mexico 2024 Home & Away Kits
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Do you think the Mexico 2024 home jersey with the upside-down design is better than the original? Comment below.