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Skechers 2024 Evolution & Evergreen Packs Released

Preparing for the final stages of international tournaments, Skechers has launched two collections 'Evolution' and 'Evergreen'.

Skechers Evolution Collection

The Skechers 'Evolution' collection features a striking colorway in fluorescent yellow tones. Skechers also uses black on the Razor shoes in this collection.

Skechers SKX-01 'Evolution' - Yellow/Black

Skechers Razor 'Evolution' - Yellow/Black

Skechers Evergreen Collection

The Skechers 'Evergreen' collection seems to be the next blackout collection from Skechers. The SKX 01 and Razor boots are both predominantly black with green and silver accents.

Skechers SKX-01 'Evergreen' - Black/Silver

Skechers Razor 'Evergreen' - Black/Silver

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