Liverpool 13-14 (2013-14) Home + Away + Third Kits Released

Warrior Sports is the Liverpool Kit supplier since last season when they took over the deal from adidas and paying Liverpool £25 million per season. Warrior football shirt designs are known for their special look and the new Liverpool 13/14 Kits will be discussed controversially in the next months for their crazy design reminding 1990s football jerseys. The new Liverpool 13-14 Away and Third Kits were available at the Warrior shop accidently.

Liverpool 2013-14 Home Kit

The Liverpool 2013/14 Home Kit again features gold details on a mainly red shirt. The Liverpool 13-14 Home Shirt has slightly visible stripes which feature the writing Liverpool FC inside. The shirt features a '96' on the back in memory of the Hillsborough disaster. The sleeve cuffs of the new Liverpool 13-14 Kit as well as the collar come with white stripes. Shorts and socks are also red with white details.

Liverpool 2013-14 Away Kit

Liverpool 13/14 Away Kit comes on a basically white Shirt with some Black/Grey/Red pattern reminding the strange design of 1990s Football Shirts. Liverpool 2013-14 Away Kit collar comes in Red while the sleeves are white. Applications like the Warrior logo and the sponsor are red while the Liverpool badge is golden like on the Home Kit.

The new Liverpool 2013-14 Away Kit Short is black with red applications and a similar pattern as the shirt on the side of short. Liverpool 2013-14 Away Kit socks are white featuring red Warrior logos and a black part.

Liverpool 2013-14 Third Kit

This is the new Liverpool 13-14 Third Kit.

With the Liverpool next-season Warrior 13/14 Away Kit being pretty special which not everyone likes, the new Liverpool 2013-14 Third Kit comes in the colors White/Purple/Black and features colored sleeves in Purple/Black on the right sleeve and White/Black on the left sleeve. Liverpool 13/14 Third Jersey collar is white. The new Liverpool 13/14 Third Kit was confirmed by player Coutinho wearing them at a photoshoot in one of the behind the scenes video.

Especially the socks with the two different colored sock bands look very unusual and are duisgusting.

The shorts of the new Liverpool 13-14 Third Kit are white with a similar pattern design as the Shirt.

The socks of the Liverpool 13-14 Third Kit feature black horitontal lines and on purple band on the right sock and a black band on the left sock.

Liverpool 2013-14 Goalkeeper Home Kit

The Liverpool 2013-14 Goalkeeper Home Kit is white with navy pinstripes on the front. The shirt features a '96' on the back in memory of the Hillsborough disaster. The collar is same as on the Home Kit in navy / white. The Liverpool 13-14 GK Home Shorts are navy.

Liverpool 2013-14 Goalkeeper Away Kit

Liverpool 13-14 Goalkeeper Away Kit features the same disgusting design as the Liverpool 13-14 Away Kit and comes in purple.

Liverpool 2013-14 Goalkeeper Third Kit

The new Liverpool 13-14 Goalkeeper Third Kit is orange.