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Middlesbrough 13-14 (2013-14) Home and Away Kits Released

English Npower Championship team Middlesbrough FC (Boro) today unveiled the new Middlesbrough 13-14 Kits. The Middlesbrough 2013-14 Home and Away Kits are made by adidas and feature Ramsdens as main sponsor. Ramsdens' logo is no longer inside a green block as on the Boro 12-13 Shirts and also features as Ramsdens.tv on the Middlesbrough 13-14 Away Shirt.

The new Boro 13-14 Home Kit is mainly red with large parts of the upper Boro 2013-14 Home Shirt and sleeves being white, while the Boro 13-14 Away Kit is striped black / blue.

Middlesbrough 13-14 Home Kit

The new Middlesbrough FC 2013-14 Home Kit is red white the upper area of the shirt, under the arms and parts of the sleeves being white. Boro 13-14 Home Kit is based on the adidas tiro 13 Shirt and features a partly red, partly white v-collar. The adidas stripes are black on the Boro 13-14 Home Shirt.

Boro 2013-14 Home Kit short is red with black adidas logo and stripes, while the socks are red / white hooped with white adidas logo and stripes, which would hopefully be adjusted to create a more fitting look.

Middlesbrough 13-14 Away Kit

Boro 2013-14 Away Kit is also based on the tiro 13 template by adidas. The Middlesbrough 2013-14 Away Shirt is striped black / blue. The sleeves of the Middlesbrough 13-14 Away Shirt are black with a blue area that intercepts the white adidas stripes.

Middlesbrough 13-14 Away Kit shorts and socks are blue with white applications.