New Everton Crest Unveiled

Premier League club Everton FC today presented the new Everton crest. The new Everton 2013 emblem keeps the classical shape, but removes the text and elements that were previously placed outside of the Everton crest shape. The Nil satis - nisi optimum text was removed, and the 1878 was placed inside the shape replacing the laurel wreaths.

The gradient has been removed, the yellow outline has been thickened and a dark blue line has been added to its inside to make the Everton Crest bolder and easier recognisable. The font used for the Everton text as well as for the 1878 has also seen an update to make it more unique and easier readable.

The illustration of Prince Rupert's Tower has been simplified and adjusted to the actual current look of the iconic Everton tower.

The history of the Everton Crest

These image shows the previous versions of the Everton club logos used between 1920 and 2013 as well as the history of illustrations of the famous Prince Rupert's Tower in through the years.

Merchandise with the new Everton crest

Everton FC already prepared several Everton merchandise products using the new logo, and will spend the summer updating the Everton crests in Goodison Park and everywhere else they are used.