Twente 13-14 (2013-14) Home and Away Kits Revealed

Twente 13-14 Home Shirt was unveiled in May 2013. Eredivisie team FC Twente also presented the Twente 13-14 Away Kit, which was worn in the friendly match against AZSV Aalten yesterday. Twente 2013-14 Kits are made by Nike and sponsored by xximo.

Twente 13-14 Home Kit

This is the new Twente 2013-14 Home Shirt.

The new Twente 13-14 Home Kit is based on the Nike Revolution II shirt template (adapated from Manchester United's 12-13 Away Kit).

Twente 2013-14 Home Kit is bright red and has a white stripe on the front of the shirt which is continued to the collar part of the Twente 13-14 Home Shirt.

Twente 13-14 Home Kit sponsor is xximo, a mobility management system, while WWF features on the left sleeve of the Twente 13-14 Home Kit.

Twente 13-14 Away Kit

This is the new Twente 2013-14 Away kit.

The new Twente 13-14 Away kit is based on the Nike Precision II template, which is adapted from the Barcelona 12-13 Away Kit. The new FC Twente 2013-14 Away Kit features two different tones of blue.

Twente 13-14 Away Kit shorts and socks are dark blue with white Nike logos.