Nike 13-14 (2013-14) Teamwear Kits Overview

These are the Nike 13-14 Teamwear kits, used by many teams around the globe. Unlike special templates used by teams like FC Barcelona or Manchester United, Nike Teamwear kits are used by lesser known teams. Nike Teamwear Shirts are available in preset colorways only.

Nike 13-14 Revolution II Game Jersey

Nike Revolution II Game Jersey is adapted from the Manchester United 12-13 Away Kit. The Nike Revolution II Shirt features a line on the front that is continued to the collar of the kit.

Nike Revolution II Kit is available in black / white, white / black, blue / white, light blue / black, red / white colors.

FC Twente is using Nike Revolution II Game Jersey for the 13-14 Home Shirt.

Nike 13-14 Laser Game Jersey

Nike Laser Game Jersey is a basic shirt template with a v-collar.

Nike Laser Game Jersey is available in red / white, white / blue, green / white, orange / black colors and alos includes a colored collar.

The Nike Laser Game Jersey comes with colored sleeve cuffs and is worn by Theo Walcott.

Nike 13-14 Precision II Game Jersey

Nike 2013-14 Precision II Game Jersey is the second generation of the Precision Game Kits. The Nike Precision II Game Jersey is basen on the FC Barcelona 12/13 Away Shirt and is available in light blue / white, red / white, orange / yellow, grey / white and navy / pink.

German 3. Liga team Kickers Offenbach and Club Brugge are using the Nike Precision II Game Jersey for their 2013-14 Kits.

Nike 13-14 Inter Stripe III Game Jersey

The Nike Inter Stripe III Game Jersey is a classical kit with vertical stripes and a big collar. Nike Inter Stripe III Shirt is worn by Ganso and comes in 8 different colorways:

Black / blue, white / black, red / blue, white / blue, white / red, red / black, red / blue and yellow / black.

Nike Inter Stripe III Shirt fetaures a box at the back of the kit.

Nike 13-14 Striker III Game Jersey

The new Nike Striker III Game Jersey is based on the current Australia kits and includes a vertical line on the front of the shirt as well as a colored line on the right sleeve.

Nike Striker III Kit is worn by Nike player Zlatan Ibrahimovich and used as base for the new Mainz 13/14 Home Kit.

Nike Striker III Kit is available in ten different colorways.

Nike 13-14 Victory Game Jersey

Nike 2013-14 Victory Shirt is the same as the 12/13 Victory Game Jersey and is worn by Thiago Silva in the left picture. It includes a big V on the front and 9 different colorways:

Red / white, yellow / black, white / black, grey / black, green / white, navy / white, blue / white and orange / black.

Nike 13-14 Hoop III Game Jersey

Nike 2013-14 Hoop III Game Jersey is based on the Celtic Kit and comes in four different colorways. It includes small vertical stripes.

Nike Hoop III Game Jersey is available in red / black, white / blue, yellow / black and white / green.

Nike 13-14 Trophy Game Jersey

Nike 2013-14 Trophy Game Jersey is worn by Mario Götze and comes with colored sleeves. The Nike Trophy Kit is an old Nike template which has been used for Malaga and other kits from over the world.

The Nike Trophy Game Jersey comes in nine different colorways including orange and pink colorways.

Nike 13-14 Classic IV Game Jersey

Nike Classic IV Game Jersey is identical to Nike Park V, i.e. a basic one colored shirt, the main feature of Nike Classic IV Shirt are the different colored sleeves.

Nike Classic IV Game Jersey is available in white / black, blue / white, red / white, yellow / blue and gold / black colors.

Nike 13-14 Park V Game Jersey

Neymar is presenting Nike Park V Game Jersey, which is Nike's most simple teamwear kit. Nike Park V Shirt is a one colored template with a simple collar.

Nike Park V is available in 11 colors: black, blue, dark red, green, lighe blue, light green, navy, orange, red, white, yellow