Lazio 13-14 (2013-14) Home, Away and Third Kits Released

Italian Serie A team SS Lazio, who finished 7th in the 2012-13 Serie A season and won the 12-13 Copa Italia, unveiled the new Lazio 2013-14 Home, Away and Third Kits, made by macron.

The Lazio 13-14 Kits are without a main sponsor at the moment.

Lazio 13-14 Home Kit

This is the new Lazio 2013-14 Home Shirt.

The Lazio 13-14 Home Kit comes in light blue with a classical collar. The new Lazio 2013-14 Home Shirt features white details.

Lazio 13-14 Away Kit

This is the new Lazio 2013-14 Away Shirt.

The Lazio 2013-14 Away Kit comes in yellow with dark blue details.

Lazio 13-14 Third Kit

This is the new Lazio 2013-14 Third Shirt.

The Lazio 2013-14 Third Kit is dark blue with light blue details. The new Lazio 13-14 Third Shirt features light blue horizontal pinstripes.