Adidas Nitrocharge Solar Slime Boot Colorway Released

The Adidas Nitrocharge Boot silo is the latest addition to the Adidas boot range, which includes four silos since May 2013. Speed which is represented by Adizero, Heritage represented by Adipure, Control represented by Predator and Engergy represented by the new Nitrocharge Boot line.

Adidas has released a red Nitrocharge UCL Colorway in September 2013 and today Adidas Nitrocharge Solar Slime Colorway was unveiled. The boot is part of the Adidas Samba Collection, inspired by the 2014 World Cup host Brazil.

Adidas Nitrocharge Solar Slime / Solar Zest / Black

The new Adidas Nitrocharge Samba Edition Boot is mainly lime green with black applications. Unlike previous Adidas Nitrocharge Boot Colorways the December 2013 Samba Nitrocharge Boot comes with the Energylising element in the same color as the boot.

The sole of the new Adidas Nitrocharge Boot is the first colored sole of the Nitrocharge line, which featured up to this colorway a black sole with a color highlighted electricity Energypulse element. This green Nitrocharge Colorway comes with green studs.

As all boots of the Adidas Samba Edition, the new Adidas Nitrocharge Boot features a colorful pattern on the inner sole. The laces of the Adidas Nitrocharge Boot are orange.